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We study evolutionary and translational aspects of host & pathogen biology.

Our research involves developing computational approaches that can leverage large-scale genomic data to gain actionable insights into infectious disease biology. Specifically, we focus on three key areas:

i) Identifying genomic signatures, functions, and mechanisms relevant to host-pathogen interactions, to enable understanding and guide diagnosis,
ii) Unraveling molecular mechanisms common between genetic and infectious diseases, to guide targeted drug repurposing, and
iii) Developing tools and resources for seamlessly relating sequence, structure, and function of genes/proteins in poorly characterized pathogens to enable and guide better prevention, diagnostic and treatment regimen.


Computational Biology | Bioinformatics | Phylogenetics & Molecular Evolution | Comparative pathogenomics | Molecular drug/vaccine discovery | Data Analysis & Visualization

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Janani Ravi
Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation,
Michigan State University.
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Philip Calhoun
Human Biology (pre-med)
Drew Scholar; Honors College; Dean’s List; SROP fellowship
GitHub; Twitter
Samuel Chen
Computer Science Engineering
Honors College; Dean’s List; State Scholarship
Lauren Sosinski
Majors: Biochemistry & Biotechnology; Genomics and Molecular Genetics; Minor: CMSE
GitHub; Twitter
Phoebe Tuyishime
Major: Nutritional Sciences; Minor: Global Public Health & Epidemiology
Mastercard Foundation Scholar; Justin S. Morrill Leadership Fellow;
Food and Nutrition Database Research Center, UG Teaching Assistant.
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