2018: Year in Review | RLEL

Some accomplishments from 2018 & announcements for 2019! 🎉

Thanks to everyone who attended, participated or sponsored R-Ladies East Lansing in 2018! We had a fantastic start & a very successful first 6mo on campus! We hosted 7 meetups since July 2018 including two very well-attended workshops (70+ attendees) and a DataViz challenge! Help us continue spreading the R & Data Science spirit across MSU in 2019! Contact us eastlansing@rladies.org about co-hosting or sponsoring a meetup/workshop in Spring 2019. As always, R-Ladies events are open to all R-users across all levels of expertise including students, faculty and staff, and non-MSU folks.

2018: Year in Review

The Team

Organizers: Janani Ravi, Camille Archer

Co-organizers: Kayla Johnson, Arjun Krishnan, Nate Davis (~ Krishnan Lab)

Meetup Presentations/Material

GitHub | Google Drive | Photos

2018 Sponsors

Grand Traverse Pie (2018-12) | Business Analytics (2018-11) | SSDA (2018-10) | Krishnan Lab (2018-09) | College of Veterinary Medicine (2018-09) | BEACON (2018-08) | iCER (2018-07)

2018 Meetups

Kickoff meeting

Welcome to RLEL | Who We Are | What We Do | Upcoming Meetups

Lightning talks

Aug 13, 2018

  • Git & R by Melissa Dale
  • Experimental languages w/ R by Le Ni La
  • Having fun w/ Rcade by Kayla Johnson
  • Websites w/ R by Camille Archer
  • UpSet plots w/ R by Janani Ravi
  • BigDataIgnite conference promo

Sep 10, 2018

  • Morphospaces w/ #Geomorph by Acacia Ackles
  • Integrating Python & R w/ #Reticulate by Anna Yannakopoulos
  • Literature Survey w/ #Bibliometrix by Veronica Frans
  • GLM w/ #glmulti by Lauren Wisnieski
  • Cool #dataviz resources Data-to-Viz RGraph Gallery by Janani Ravi

Sep 24, 2018

  • Spatial Humanities w/ R Rachael White
  • R/qtl Miranda Haus
  • Hyenas, Microbes & R Connie Rojas
  • Publication quality figures w/ #ggpubr by Taylor Dunivin
  • R+LaTeX=knitr Cara Feldscher


Year in pictures

You & R-Ladies East Lansing

How to be in touch?

Access our presentations, R scripts and more on Github and follow us on twitter to stay up to date about R-Ladies news! Join the Meetup group to be notified of our upcoming meetings!


Janani Ravi & Camille Archer

PS Community Policies & Code of Conduct:

Full community guidelines are found here: https://github.com/rladies/starter-kit/wiki


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