Bacterial Stress Response


During my postdoctoral research at Rutgers University, I focused on using computational approaches to study various facets of host and pathogen biology including:

  • delineating the molecular mechanism underlying a newly identified stress response operon in the tubercle bacterium involving the phage-shock-proteins (psp);
  • unraveling the evolution of bacterial stress response systems (psp) across the tree of life using protein sequence-structure-function relationships;
  • reconstructing and analyzing the mycobacterial sigma factor regulatory network.


Rutgers University

  • Marila Gennaro
  • Pratik Datta
  • Matt Neiditch
  • Arnold Barton
  • Rasel Khan
  • Rinki Chauhan


  • L Aravind
  • Vivek Anantharaman

SUNY Buffalo

  • Gabor Balazsi

Rice University

  • Oleg Igoshin
Janani Ravi
Sr Research Associate

My research interests include computational pathogenomics and host-directed drug-repusposing.


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